We are dreamers and believers in the power of data, in the transformative role that data plays in creating and achieving value for organizations and individuals.

With data, we unlock possibilities, empower and enable our clients leverage data to achieve operational efficiency, profitability, great customer experience and customer satisfaction.

Are you compliant with the new Data Protection Act? Download a free copy of our Data Protection Compliance Handbook and avoid any costly penalties.

Data Privacy: Consumer Side

Consumer: Who are you and how did you get my number?

Data Privacy: Institution Side

We need to streamline operations and outsource delivery of products, lets use that rider service!

Data Privacy: 3rd Party Side

Our investors have put pressure on us to scale our offering, lets reach out to people letting them know our great services!

Data Privacy: Government Side

Government: Do they know I am watching very closely..?

to you our clients


Data Privacy
Data Literacy
Data Extraction
Data Analytics
Data Monitoring
Data Brokerage


A programme designed to empower your organization to read, work with, analyze and communicate data.

Value Drivers:

  • • Enhanced Data Culture
  • • Engaged Workforce
  • • Lean Processes
  • • Risk Management
  • • Innovative business opportunities
  • • Competitive advantage


Designed to retrieve disparate types of data and transform it into actionable insights.

Value Drivers:

  • • Data collection at scale
  • • Profitability and growth
  • • Increased operational efficiency
  • • Cost reduction
  • • Drive business innovation
  • • Reduction of data silos
  • • Risk management


We structure and analyze your data into actionable insights.

Value Drivers:

  • • Discover and create futuristic business models
  • • Streamline access to multiple data sources
  • • Business intelligence
  • • Drive innovation and accelerate growth
  • • Trusted and governed data
  • • Improve data quality
  • • Increased competitive advantage


Designed to track key business metrics in real time.

Value Drivers:

  • • Monitor end to end customer transactions in real time
  • • Strategic decision making based on insights
  • • Enhanced quality customer experience
  • • Increased operational efficiency
  • • Continuous Innovation
  • • Risk management Use Cases
  • • Minimize revenue leakage
  • • Increased system uptime
  • • Fraud detection and payment security
  • • Data driven decision making Comments and Reviews


We identify and aggregate different data sets and sources, package and appropriate value to the relevant consumer within the regulatory frameworks.

Value Drivers

  • • Strategic Decision Making
  • • Revenue Increase
  • • Enhanced Customer Experience
  • • Compliance and risk management
  • • Product Innovation
  • • Data Enrichment


It’s a programme that enables our clients to handle and process personal data in compliance with regulatory requirements.

Value Drivers

  • • Simplified Data Privacy Programme Management
  • • Data Protection Impact Assessments
  • • Developing ICT systems with the data protection by design principles
  • • Operationalize the Data Protection Act (legally and with technology)
  • • Data Protection Officer as a service


Are you compliant with the new Data Protection Act? Download a free copy of our Data Compliance Handbook and avoid any costly penalties.